Welcome to Bangkok Advanced Clinics

Bangkok Advanced Clinics is a polyclinic that offers many specialties. We have general practitioners and specialist doctors in our team including experienced technicians and quality personnel.

We offer you the best choices of treatments (conservative, surgical, physical training treatments and interventional therapy) that are consistently effective to cure your problem as you get the right alternatives to suit your condition. At Bangkok Advanced Clinics, you can surely say that you have come to the right place.

Bangkok Advanced Clinics is located at the heart of downtown Sukhumvit Soi 24, and is easily accessible by car or by BTS skytrain. From Prompong station Exit 4 it is just a 40-meter walk.

Keishikai Dental Clinic

"More than 25 years experience"

At Keishikai International Dental Clinic, you will find expert services with modern equipment like CT-Scan (3D X-Ray), the same technology used in leading hospitals for high precision implant dentistry. [read more]

Hair Advanced Caring Center

"...No time to wait..."

Hair Advanced Caring Centre is the hair and hair root treatment center with treatments conducted by the medical doctor, who has expertise in using modern medical techniques to grow back the strong hair and hair roots.[read more]

Spine & Joint Center

"Where surgery is the last choice"

Bone, joint and spine disease can occur to anyone: men, women, young and old, since we always use our body for movements. It is then essential to take good care of these parts of the body making sure they remain strong and healthy for lifetime use. [read more]

Knee & Leg Shape
Correction Center

"WHAT you see is BEAUTY, What you feel is FUNCTION"

Both genetic factors and degeneration can cause the misshaping of legs and knees. At BAC, we use the non-surgery and the small-invasive surgery MHTO (Modified High Tibia Osteotomy) techniques to correct the problem. [read more]

Smiling Foot & Shoe

"Your feet deserve the best customized body balancing shoes"

The Shoes and insole fitting center offers services especially for individuals who, not only want to correct their foot problems, but also want to correct the abnormal spine structure, neck bone, hip and knee at the same time (From Head to Toe).[read more]


Advanced Products

This unit gently stretches neck musles allowing the vertebral discs to realign, freeing the nerves from pressure of the discs.


Golf Tips

" To be champion, you need a good body structure. "


Body Balancing Shoes & Insoles

Are you wearing proper shoes that support your body structure?



See our video about bowlegs


Spine and Joint Center
Neck & Back
Knee & Leg Shape Center
Knee replacement
Active training
Smiling Foot and Shoe Center
Foor caring
Shoe conception
Stylish shoe
Hair Advanced Centre
Balding & Hair loss
Keishikai Dental Implant
Ceramic veneers